Products and services

Substitution of virgin plastic

We supply our partners with high quality recycled materials that are individually modified to fit specific requirements as a cost-saving alternative to virgin plastics.

Toll processing of plastic waste

We process for our partners production waste of any form and size into regrinds, regranulates or recompounds for further use at their own production site.

Disposal of plastic waste

We take from our partners production waste of all kinds of plastic material as lumps, sprues, films and scrap parts for a reasonable and sustainable price.

Technical possibilities



We provide process engineering know-how to design the best economical and ecological recycling solution for all types of plastic materials.



To handle the recycling processes we maintain a sophisticated logistics service with special containers, warehouses and our own transport fleet.



We have a wide range of shredders and mills to grind every possible plastic waste fraction, regardless of the weight, size or form of the parts.



To separate various materials we combine different technologies, such as density, magnetic and eddy current separation or optoelectronic detection.



The clean regrinds are filtered and degassed in recycling extruders. If additivation is required the melt is processed further in compounding lines.



We automatically collect and store consistently the whole operating data of the individual recycling process stages and provide them to our customers.

Research and development

Innplast is a consortium member of the LIT (Linz institute of technology) factory.

This is a high-tech research platform and center of excellence in product and production research. The focus is on the production of polymer light weight structures by means of smart extrusion, compounding, injection molding, recycling and upcycling technologies.

At the LIT factory the Johannes Kepler University Linz cooperates with the leading companies of the plastic and engineering industries to explore, demonstrate and teach potentials and technologies for cross-industry processes and products.

"We think production."

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